5 Reasons We Get Angry And 4 Ways to Cope

1 Seeking revenge. We feel hurt, so we try to get even and make things fair.

2 Preventing disaster. We feel helpless, so we want to take control.

3 Pushing others away. We feel discouraged, so we want to withdraw from life and avoid being judged.

4 Getting attention. We feel disrespected, so we lash out to be acknowledged or to prove our importance.

5 Expressing difficult feelings. We are overwhelmed, so we want to reduce our discomfort.

Managing our anger involves not saying or doing things we will later regret. It means calming ourself, assessing situations with a cool head, and taking sensible actions. It basically involves making choices around four components of behavior:

1 Expressing ourself

2 Taking care of ourself

3 Building up our tolerance for frustration

4 Maintaining a positive outlook

Here is a video of me talking more about self expression:


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Shared by: Aaron Karmin, LCPC, Contributing Blogger

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