Amazon Smile Support Increased for Limited Time

If you haven’t yet selected a non-profit beneficiary of your Amazon shopping sprees, take a moment to read our instructions on how to do so. While we hope you select us, the following instructions will help you select any nonprofit that is registered with the Amazon Smile program as your beneficiary. We hope you find this helpful!


Signing up for Amazon Smile easy. Goto, and login as if it’s your normal amazon account. Then go to the “Account and Lists” tab (the one that says “Hello, [your name]”) and select the “Your AmazonSmile” option from the dropdown menu. There is a “Select/Change Charity” button on the right side of the page — clicking on it will give you the ability to search for and select your favorite charity, (cough) “United Resource Connection”. Now change all your Amazon bookmarks to point to instead of It’s still the same store, but now your purchases are benefiting our nonprofit organization.


The nonprofit selected as your beneficiary will receive .5% (half of 1%) of the money you spend on The limited time offer noted above increases this benefit to 5%, e.g., 5% of the money you spend on Amazon will be sent to your designated charity.


The Amazon Mobile App Workaround. Unfortunately the Amazon mobile app is not yet compatible with the AmazonSmile program. A workaround is to use the app only for getting items into your cart, then open your mobile or desktop browser to AmazonSmile and complete the purchase there, e.g., AmazonSmile shares the same shopping cart.



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