Powerful words about last week’s shooting

One of our employees, Tariq Holimon, a child support technician, put his feelings about last week’s Fifth Third Bank shooting on Fountain Square into this powerful spoken-word piece.

He titled it Pain:

“Something we as a people experience, one thing that can’t divide us. Can’t be discriminated towards, or be used against you. Praying for families out here, especially ones who recently lost someone. Our city experienced it together due to someone’s wrong choice, the price was paid but the feeling will always be free.

One day we should get past it, move in a better direction. Unity would help, compassion wouldn’t hurt and understanding would flourish. Something we try to keep away, run from, distance ourselves from or jump into. Nothing we bring about, but always seems to find you. Don’t wish on anyone, but might be wished upon you. Bring about tears, and can tear you apart if you let it devour you from the start.

Let’s take a moment of silence for all the families on 9/6/2018 because we all know this feeling…………………………………………………. PAIN.”


View Original Source (HCJFS.org) Here.

Shared by: Moira Weir, Director of HCJFS


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