Deadline for Voter Registration (and address changes) is October 9th!

The deadline for voter registration is Tuesday October 9th. This is also the deadline to update your voter registration information if you have changed addresses. The following link, provided by the Hamilton County Board of Elections, enables you to check your Ohio registration status, and register online if needed. It also has a .pdf you can download to register and/or update your address information.

Kentucky residents who are not registered may use the following link, provided by the Kentucky Secretary of State, to register online if needed. You can update your name or address by completing a new Mail-In Kentucky Voter Registration Card.

Remember that your ballot can be contested if the address on your ID does not match the address you used when registering to vote. Don’t allow anyone to contest your vote — update your voter registration information today!


Shared by: Stefan Densmore, M.S., President/CEO United Resource Connection


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