Our Children’s Services section chosen best in the region

Our Children’s Services section has been named best in the region by the National Association of Social Workers.

The Ohio Chapter of the NASW selected HCJFS as the best of all public and private agencies in an 11-county area. NASW is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world.

The job of a social worker can be tough. Dealing with families at tough points in their lives can be so challenging and can take a toll on your emotions. So we appreciate this recognition of our workers’ diligence.

We’re looking forward to receiving the award Nov. 3 at the Sanctuary Event Center in Price Hill. 

Past recipients of the award include: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Division of Social Services; Cincinnati Union Bethel, Closing the Health Gap; and Santa Maria Community Services.



View Original Source (HCJFS.org) Here.

Shared by: Moira Weir, Director of HCJFS


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