Together we can end homelessness

Dear Friends,

Sleeping outside is dangerous and can even be deadly. Having a warm, safe place to sleep is critical. Joe was living on the street for months before he entered shelter. There he gained access to programs and services that change lives. Today, Joe has his own apartment.

Together we can create more success stories for more people like Joe.


At Strategies to End Homelessness we lead efforts to end homelessness in Greater Cincinnati, and having a coordinated system has led to a 42% decrease in the number of people living on the streets and a similar increase in people entering permanent housing programs.

But, you’ll agree, we have even more work to do. Even one person sleeping outside is too many. One missed paycheck. One medical emergency. Many more people are one crisis away from homelessness.

Our goal is to prevent and end homelessness. And we can’t do it without your help. Let’s work together to change more lives, like Joe’s.

Together our impact is greater. Please consider a donation today to help more neighbors in need this Holiday Season!


We hope we can count on your support!

Kevin Finn
Strategies to End Homelessness


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