Hamilton County launches food drive to mitigate shutdown impact

HCJFS Director Moira Weir speaks at the Freestore Foodbank on Monday.

Hamilton County Commissioners today announced a county-wide Food and Fund Drive Announcement in February to stock the Freestore Foodbank that helps local pantries for an expected surge in food assistance in February and March.

100,000 Hamilton County residents rely on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program) food assistance. The Federal Government shutdown resulted in early issuance of SNAP benefits in January to last into March, instead of the typical February load.

Moira Weir, Director of Hamilton County Job and Family Services stated, “We expect a surge in demand at the Freestore Foodbank and local food pantries in February as SNAP recipients run out of food assistance, not realizing the benefits needed to last until the normal March date when their food cards will be loaded.” 

There are more than 80 food pantries, soup kitchens or emergency food providers in Hamilton County operating out of churches, houses of worship, and non-profit organizations. Many receive support from Freestore Foodbank. To view a list and map, visit https://freestorefoodbank.org/get-help/communitypartneragencies/

Cash or food donations can be made in bins located in County buildings as well as the Freestore Foodbank and/or your local pantries.  Freestore Foodbank also accepts donations via: https://freestorefoodbank.org/ and click on DONATE. Donations are also accepted:

  • Telephone: 513-482-FOOD (3663)
  • Website: freestorefoodbank.org
  • Mail: 1141 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Shared by: Moira Weir, Director of HCJFS


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