Glenn and Marianne Culbertson

Glenn and Marianne Culbertson’s involvement with Freestore Foodbank began over 20 years ago through volunteering at holiday food distributions with their young daughters, Shannon and Molly.  They wanted to spark their children’s involvement in philanthropy by making it a part of their family’s holiday tradition.

Glenn has worked at GE Aviation for 34 years as a materials engineer.  He enjoys the culture of philanthropy GE fosters that allows him to fit volunteering into his work day.  He especially enjoys the volunteer opportunities that allow him to help school children get the resources they need to succeed through tutoring and assisting with Power Pack site applications.  Yet, it wasn’t until when his oldest daughter, Shannon, began working for GE that Glenn become fully aware of the power of their corporate matching gift program.  From then on, the Culbertsons began generously donating to Freestore Foodbank, with their gifts matched by GE, in addition to volunteering.  GE’s matching gift program was a great way for the Culbertson family to expand their involvement with Freestore Foodbank.

Marianne equally enjoys the incentive GE provides to encourage charitable giving as Freestore Foodbank’s mission is close to her heart: she believes that access to food and the ability to cook are basic needs.  “Providing a meal for your family is an expression of love,” she said.  As a result of serving on the Board of Education in Mason, she understands the importance of being in a structured learning environment in order to turn things around, especially when someone needs a second chance, which the Cincinnati COOKS! program provides. Marianne loves that Cincinnati COOKS! participants receiving training for the culinary industry, including learning advanced skills through the program.

Glenn and Marianne are looking forward to remaining involved with Freestore Foodbank and volunteering with their grandchildren, Eve and Renee, in the near future.

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