Family Homelessness Spikes in Summer

Homelessness Knows No Season

At times of peak demand we raise the money needed for additional temporary shelter capacity.

For two critical reasons: so that fewer people are outside during the coldest months of winter and when family homelessness spikes in the summer.

Summer is Not a Break for Homeless Families

More families become homeless in summer than any other time of year. Often families with unstable housing stay with family or friends when school is in session. Once school ends they’re often asked to leave, with no place to go.

The Summer Shelter goals are to add extra capacity – beds, hotel rooms, apartments – to keep children from having to experience the trauma of unsheltered homelessness. While in shelter, families are connected to services to assist them into stable housing.

Our thanks to Bethany House Services and the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati for providing this vital service.

Thanks to Our Supporters

Here’s who was helped in the past thanks to our generous supporters: Summer 2017: 123 individuals, 98 children and Summer 2018: 156 individuals, 110 children. Our work is only possible through the support of our donors. Please consider a donation today.


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