Change a life, today. Cincinnati children need your help.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for sharing our mission to end homelessness. Together we can help those experiencing homelessness, today. And prevent more of our neighbors from becoming homeless, tomorrow.

But right now, the needs of our neighbors are immediate. Can you help?

Please consider a donation today, to help those in need.

Last year in Hamilton County, more than 7,000 people lived in emergency shelters or were found sleeping on the street or in a car. Sadly, 25% of that number are children. I know you agree – even one homeless child is too many.

The causes of homelessness are as unique as the people we serve. Job loss, medical debt, lack of support from family and friends who, too, are often struggling to make ends meet. Veterans, single moms, teenagers.

Individuals who all share one thing in common: hope for a better future. A better future, like Lynn has now, thanks to you.

Due to a health crisis, Lynn missed too many days at work and was fired. With little savings, and no job, she and her two kids stayed with family and friends. Eventually, they ran out of places to stay, became homeless, and entered a family shelter.

After several months in shelter, she was approved for a housing program, which helped them move into their own apartment. Today she is working again and able to support her family!

A family has a safe place to sleep and a future together because of your generosity. Together we can ensure more families, like Lynn’s, become stably housed, and break the cycle of homelessness.

Today we are turning to you for help.

Please consider a donation to help more families break the cycle of homelessness. Fewer families and children will be homeless in the New Year because of your generosity.

Thank you,

Kevin Finn, President/CEO Strategies to End Homelessness



Kevin Finn, President/CEO

Strategies to End Homelessness

P.S. In Cincinnati, Census data shows 2 out of 5 – 40% – of our children live in poverty. That’s double the national rate. More moms like Lynn will be calling for help. Your generosity will help a family exit homelessness or never have to experience it in the first place. Thank you!

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