Deadline to Request CPS Transportation Services/Reimbursement Approaches

To obtain school transportation services for grades K-12, the attached form must be completed by a parent/guardian and emailed to by June 30th, 2021.

School transportation services are offered to eligible students who live within the boundaries of the Cincinnati Public School District and attend CPS schools, as well as students who live within the CPS district and attend charter and private (nonpublic) schools.

CPS Access Pupil Transportation Office determines the appropriate type of transportation service to be used, such as:
1) Yellow bus (for regular and special-needs students and magnet programs), usually grades K-6;
2) Metro bus (public transportation) regular and Extra routes, usually grades 7-12. Ambulance (special-needs students with medical conditions); or
3) Parent reimbursement (offered in lieu of service for students who are determined “impractical” to transport because of distance or scheduling).
You can view a preview of the form below, or download it using this link. Call 513-363-7433 if you have any questions.

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