Eviction Crisis Looming

Eviction CrisisEviction Crisis will lead to increased homelessness

Millions of Americans soon face eviction in a “completely predictable and entirely preventable” crisis.

Evictions are not only the result of – but also a cause of – deeper poverty leading to increasing homelessness, particularly among families with children.

Often when people get evicted, they “double up”.

Moving in with friends or family. But, now, people living in close quarters, increases the chances that someone brings COVID-19 into the home.

COVID-19 means people are less likely to take someone in.

So in need of shelter, they call our Central Access Point Helpline. Intake specialists work with the clients to find a bed in an emergency shelter.

Beds that very limited – as the congregate shelters limit the number of clients they are taking in so as to maintain social distancing.

Or if possible a spot in our diversion program to prevent families from experiencing the trauma of homelessness.

Spots that are very limited – as homelessness prevention programs are underfunded.

It costs far less per person to prevent homelessness in the first place, than to help people after they become homeless.

Sleeping unsheltered has always been dangerous, even deadly. Now even more so. We need your help to prevent as many individuals and families from becoming homeless as possible.

During winter weather. During a pandemic.

The impact your generosity can make for a struggling local family can’t be understated. If you are in a position to provide support, we are honored to partner with you in the fight to end homelessness.

Read more about the upcoming Eviction Crisis, here.

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