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Cincinnati Union Bethel, the owner and operator of the Anna Louise Inn has signed a purchase agreement with Western & Southern.  The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition is thankful for the strength of Cincinnati Union Bethel and the Women of the Anna Louise Inn.  For more than two years the Anna Louise Inn has defended itself against the frivolous lawsuits and immoral arguments of the corporate bully John Barrett and his multimillion-dollar company Western & Southern.  Furthermore the Community has battled Western & Southern in the street and in the press with righteousness and justice always in mind.strength

Keeping focus on their mission, the leaders of Cincinnati Union Bethel have decided that in order to preserve their service to Women who need safe, affordable housing and children who need early childhood education they will make this settlement.  The tax-credits necessary to fund a sustainable Anna Louise Inn would eventually expire and cannot be given while litigation is in process.  The Anna Louise Inn will eventually move to a new building on a new plot of land.

It is clear that because of the relentless push of Cincinnatians, John Barrett decided to make a deal that he would never have made in the past. Cincinnatians must remember, however that John Barrett is a very wealthy bully that hides behind the old name of his company Western & Southern.  Furthermore, Western & Southern is a bully, having spent two years of both public and private dollars on frivolous lawsuits, while threatening the housing of financially poor Women.  What has been served today is not justice nor moral on the part of Western & Southern and we will push for a day when Western Southern recognizes, their wrong-doings, asks for forgiveness and turns to doing good.

Those who have gathered to fight for the Ann Louise Inn will push forward, letting Western & Southern know we will not forget.  We will not allow Cincinnatians to forget who John Barrett and Western & Southern are.  Other corporations must chose to do the right thing, to recognize that frivolous lawsuits, slanderous words and displacement of organizations that serve people with little finances are not okay.  If that is not enough, other corporations should take note that we will defend the right to affordable housing with passion and strength:  if you want Cincinnatian’s to like you, don’t displace them.  We will eventually win this long battle for equal access to housing.  Justice will eventually be served.
Josh Spring LSW, Executive Director


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