Hamilton County Job and Family Services Launches New Brand: Supporting Families and Changing Lives

County Job and Family Services has re-branded, focusing its messaging on the
heart of what it does: supporting families and changing lives.

in 1947, JFS helped Hamilton County families and children for nearly 75 years.
The agency protects children and the elderly, helps families with food, medical
or child-care assistance, ensures children receive child support and helps the
unemployed find jobs.

agency has literally changed lives,” said JFS Director Moira Weir. “We don’t
want those moments to get lost in the red tape of government. Our brand is not
municipal; our brand is about supporting families and changing lives. Our brand
is a collection of experiences, touchpoints and people. They all form a bridge,
a trusted support system, connecting Hamilton County residents to a better
place. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. We are that help.”

known by names such as Hamilton County Welfare Department and Hamilton County
Department of Human Services, the agency has been known as Job and Family
Services for the past 20 years. As the agency worked with The Katalyst Group to
define its role in the community, it discovered most know it as simply “JFS.”

The brand mark became “JFS” in different colors:

  • Purple to signify quality and wealth – a
    Hamilton County resident might find a path to improved income through
    employment and other JFS assistance.
  • Blue to represent trust and loyalty – Hamilton
    County families are in good hands when turning to JFS.
  • Yellow represents optimism – Hamilton County
    children and families get a fresh start after turning to JFS.  

colors also have alternate meanings in the JFS world: purple is the color of
elder protection, blue is the color of child protection and yellow represents
the “new day” residents receive when being involved in the agency’s myriad of
other programs.

agency’s brand research also found many families whose experience with JFS felt
like the agency provided them a bridge to a better place. They talked of the agency
being a bridge to other resources.

said that speaks to the thousands of employees who have worked at the agency
since 1947 and their commitment to helping people find a better tomorrow. 

our nearly 75-year history, many programs provided a helping hand,” Weir said.
“Many people offered a smile and shoulder to lean on. Many resources were
gathered to build that needed bridge. All were done with one goal in mind:
supporting families and changing lives.”

re-branding comes as JFS transforms in other ways. Weir, who leaves to become
the CEO of United Way of Greater Cincinnati later this month, initiated the
rebranding effort in 2019 along with an organized commitment to improve
customer service and a dedicated effort to become a more inclusive, equitable
organization, both with employees and customers.

really have built our future on what we are calling our three pillars:
branding, customer service and equity,” Weir said. “This is embedded in our organization
and will continue long after I leave. We are dedicated to becoming a more
welcoming, helpful place for our community’s families and children.”

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