Homelessness Knows No Season

At times of peak demand we raise money to add additional temporary shelter capacity. For two critical reasons: so that fewer people are outside during the coldest months of winter and so that families can access shelter in summer when family homelessness spikes. Our generous foundation partners and donors make it possible!

Summer Shelter

More families become homeless in summer than any other time of year. Often families with unstable housing stay with family or friends while school is in session. Once school ends they’re often asked to leave, with no place to go.

Our goal is to add extra shelter capacity to keep children from having to experience the trauma of sleeping on the streets. While in shelter, families receive services to assist them into stable housing.

Thanks to Bethany House Services and the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati for providing this vital service.

Learn more at: nofamilyhomeless.org

Winter Shelter

As a community, we need to ensure everyone has a place where they can come in from the cold during the winter.

The Shelterhouse team makes the Winter Shelter possible, providing 200 additional shelter beds for men and women during the coldest months of the year.

Thanks to people generously supporting us and Shelterhouse, an additional 872 individuals slept safely in shelter last winter.


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