HUD awards over $13 million to local renewal CoC programs

HUD announced the FY 2013 Continuum of Care Tier 1 renewal awards today. We are pleased to announce that over $13 million was awarded to our community for our Tier 1 renewal programs. The programs receiving ongoing CoC funding are:

Bethany House  Family Transitional RRH Program
Bethany House  Rapid Re-housing Program
Bethany House  Family Housing Partnership
Center for Independent Living (CILO) CILO Permanent Housing Program
Center for Independent Living (CILO) CILO Permanent Housing Program #2
CincySmiles Foundation/McMicken Dental  Oral Healthcare for the Homeless
City of Cincinnati Consolidated Renewal
City of Cincinnati – Excel/Talbert  2007 Excel/Talbert TRA
City of Cincinnati – OTRCH Recovery Hotel
City of Cincinnati – OTRCH OTRCH P2R 2008 TRA
City of Cincinnati – Tender Mercies  Shelter Plus Car – Harkavy Hall
Freestore Foodbank  FSFB Rapid Re-housing Program
Freestore Foodbank (FSFB) Permanent Housing 2
Freestore Foodbank (FSFB) FSFB Permanent Supportive Housing
Freestore Foodbank (FSFB)  SSI Jobs 2013
Interfaith Hospitality Network  Permanent Supportive Housing
Lighthouse Youth Services, Inc.  Scattered Site Rapid Re-housing
Lighthouse Youth Services, Inc.  Lighthouse Youth Services TLP Expansion – RRH
Lighthouse Youth Services, Inc.  Lighthouse Street Outreach Program
Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries  Rapid Re-housing One (PH)
Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries  Rapid Re-housing Two (TH)
OTR Community Housing Jimmy Heath House
OTR Community Housing East Clifton House
Salvation Army  Rapid Re-housing Permanent
Shelterhouse Volunteer Group  Homeless Individuals Partnership Program (HIP)
Shelterhouse Volunteer Group  Drop Inn Center Supportive Services
Shelterhouse Volunteer Group  DIC Recovery Transitional Housing Program
Strategies to End Homelessness HMIS
Talbert House  TAPP Program
Talbert Services  Tom Geiger Guest House Expansion (Gertrude)
Tender Mercies, Inc. Permanent Supportive Housing
Tender Mercies, Inc.  Transitional Housing
YWCA of Greater Cincinnati YWCA Domestic Violence Rapid Re-housing
YWCA of Greater Cincinnati YWCA Rapid Re-housing for Homeless Single Women


Please note: HUD only announced Tier 1 renewals today.  Due to anticipated funding cuts, we had to rank programs in two tiers with Tier 2 representing the amount of the anticipated 5% reduction. Our CoC had two renewal programs that fell into Tier 2. HUD will announce Tier 2 renewals and new awards in the coming weeks.

Here is a link to HUD’s website with more information on today’s announcement including award amounts.  If you have any questions, please contact Meradith Alspaugh.

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