Is it Your Intuition or Are You “Into Wishing?”

keysI’ve been speaking and writing about intuition for over twenty-five years. I’m passionate about the topic because I know it’s a valuable inner wisdom we possess and most of us under utilize it. One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is “How do I know it’s my intuition and not fear (ego, wishful thinking, habit of thought)?” I wish I had a simple answer. Wouldn’t it be great if the voice of your fear sounded like Darth Vader and the voice of intuition sounded like Alicia Keys?! That would be too easy!

Intuition Has Many “Voices.”

Intuition is quick and ready insight. It’s our inner compass. When we pay attention to it, it moves us towards success and happiness and away from danger. There are many ways to receive its wisdom. It may come as the proverbial “still, quiet, inner voice.” It may also communicate insight through a dream, feelings, a knowing or a gut feeling.  Think back to a decision you’ve made in the past. How did your intuition communicate its message?

What’s Your Next Right Step?

One of the best ways to find the answer is to take a small step towards what you are being prompted to do. How do you feel as you proceed? What are the results you’re getting? If you continue to feel positive and your actions produce well-being and harmony, then you’re on the right track. Keep going! If on the other hand you feel depressed, blocked, lacking in energy and you’re getting a negative response to your actions, it’s time to slow down, stop and reevaluate.

When you follow your inner guidance, coincidences and synchronicities begin to occur. Doors will open and opportunities will come your way. You’ll find that as you feel your way along the path of following your intuition, more steps will be presented to you.

It’s Normal to Feel a Little Scared

It’s anxiety producing to move forward when the future isn’t certain. It’s as if you’re walking on a path surrounded by clouds. You can only see a few steps in front of you. You have to trust that if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you’ll ultimately be led to the place you want to be.

When you have a new goal in your life, ask your intuition for direction. See your task as following any hunch, inspiration, inner voice or dream that you receive. Have faith that your intuition is connected to a greater wisdom. Affirm that this wisdom knows just the right path for you to follow. As you hold a vision of what you want to create, the wisdom that created the world will assist you in bringing together the perfect set of circumstances to help you grow and flourish.

Building Your Intuitive Skills

Learning to trust your intuition is like practicing any new skill or talent. Usually you feel uncertain and insecure. “Am I doing it right?” is often the major question. Here are some simple steps to build your faith in your intuitive guidance as a source of information you can count on to create a life you love.

When you’re faced with a decision, find a time and place where you can be still and listen for guidance. Have a pen and paper on hand. Review your concern in your mind. You might want to write a few paragraphs to clarify the issue.

Clear your mind as best you can. Some people do this by watching their breath flow in and out, others by focusing on a candle or listening to relaxing music. Find a way that works best for you.

Ask Good Questions

Ask your inner guidance for information about the best choice. Open-ended questions are most helpful. Here are some examples: “What is the best choice for my work at this time?” “How can I help my daughter?” “How can I increase my prosperity?” “What can I do to improve my health?”

Listen carefully. Don’t edit what you receive. Intuition may come in a flash of insight, words, a fleeting or symbolic impression, an emotion, or even a body sensation. Some people report that they suddenly “just know” the answer. Others say the answer comes to them later in the day when they least expect it.

Write the information in your journal. Evaluate it. If you’ve received accurate intuition it should feel right to you. You will probably experience a pull to action that your guidance creates. The information will make you feel peaceful or calm, not agitated or upset.

Take some steps in the direction your intuition indicates. This need not require a huge leap of faith or a big change in your life. Test the information and see what the results are. If you receive positive results and you continue to feel good, take some more steps.

Evaluate your process. Each time you receive accurate information, act on it and create a positive outcome. You’re building “intuitive muscle.” You’re creating a strong channel for Divine wisdom to flow to you easily and effortlessly whenever you need it.

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