Kroger Shopper? Follow these instructions to support your favorite charity!

Many Kroger Shoppers use a Kroger Plus Card to get extra discounts on their groceries. You can obtain one of these cards easily by asking a customer service representative at your local Kroger. Once you have your card you can show it during checkout to get additional discounts on purchases. You also get a discount on fuel purchased at Kroger gas stations the more groceries you buy. The card is FREE and has additional benefits beyond saving you money — it can help your favorite charity obtain financial support from Kroger.


Each time you shop using your Kroger Plus card, Kroger will donate a percentage of the money you paid them to the charity of your choice. To let them know what charity you’d like your purchases to support, you’ll need to visit the Kroger Community Rewards website ( and create an account. You’ll need to make up a password to use for the account, and provide an email address (for password resets).


While creating your account you’ll have the opportunity to enter the serial number of Kroger Plus card you’ll be using when shopping. That number is found on the back of the card. If you didn’t enter it when creating your account, you can simply click on the “Account Summary” tab, and go to “Plus Card and Alt IDs” to add your Kroger Plus card number. If you prefer, call Kroger Customer Service at 1-800-576-4377 for help setting up your account.  


Once you have provided the serial number of your Kroger Plus card, scroll down t​o edit “Community Rewards” and enter your charity’s ​Organization number (if known). Ours is “EC176“. If you don’t know the number, you can search for it by name as well. Charities have to register with Kroger in order to participate, so if you don’t see your charity it may be because they have not registered. Designate your selected charity by choosing its name, (cough) United Resource Connection, from the resulting list and click “confirm”. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see the name of the charity you selected at the bottom of your Account Summary page.

Every time you shop with your Kroger Plus card your designated charity receives a cash reward. The more Kroger shoppers there are who select your charity, the more Kroger will financially support your charity. So please encourage your friends and family to participate! Also spread the word that Kroger requires you to update your preferences annually. If you use a calendar app, consider setting an annual reminder to re-designate your favorite registered charity.

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