Let Your Intuition Guide You to an Exciting Life

“Jerry” was a client I gave an intuitive reading to a few months ago. He had called because he was trying to figure out what kind of work he could do that would be exciting and profitable for him. At first he recited a litany of complaints about his current life and career.

  • His boss and co-workers didn’t appreciate him.
  • It was difficult for him to get to work at the required time.
  • He was bored with his work.
  • Someone else got the promotion he felt should have gone to him.

I have to confess that by the end of a few minutes I began to feel exhausted. So I stopped Jerry at that point. I spoke to him about my belief that when you’re consistently tired, drained, bored or anxious, these are clues from your intuition that something needs to be changed. It may be an attitude shift or an all out change in circumstances.

When a client has a consultation with me, I often view their energy level. I sense through my inner guidance whether they are in or out of the Divine flow of life force.  When you do things that give you energy — taking care of yourself, having fun, doing work you love — the Divine current of life courses through you and around you and you feel up and motivated.  When you do things that drain you — experiencing constant feelings of worry, bitterness, anger or resentment — you pinch yourself off from the flow.  This results in low energy and exhaustion.

Jerry was so deeply entrenched in feelings of overwhelm and a perception that he was a victim of the situations he described, he couldn’t easily identify what gave him energy.

I laid out a “Five-Step Intuition Exercise” to show him how to check in with his own inner wisdom and come up with a plan of action for himself. Here’s an example from Jerry’s reading to assist you in coming up with your own plan.

What drains your energy?: I feel like I don’t fit in with this company. I don’t really like the job I’ve been doing, and the company culture has changed in a way that seems to be negatively impacting me.

What do you want?:  I’d love to find a place to use my graphic design skills in a more creative company. I want to have fun, upbeat people around me. And I’d like a more flexible schedule.

Consult your inner guidance:  I asked Jerry to close his eyes and take several deep breaths. And when he felt centered, to simply ask himself, “What’s my right next step?” He was to pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, inner voice or impressions he received.

Results: During the brief meditation, Jerry came to realize that things would probably not improve greatly at his current company. Understanding this gave him the impetus he needed to begin looking for new work.

Action steps: Based on the above information, Jerry wrote a list of priorities for his next job. He began networking, hired a career coach and landed several interviews at new companies. He reported that he felt better, more energized, and fairly certain he’d be hired at a new place soon.

The above is a good model to use when you’re feeling stuck in a rut or simply finding yourself more tired than usual.  Get in the habit of asking your intuition questions such as, “What do I want?”  “What’s the best possible outcome?” and “What would make me feel better right now?” “What steps could I take to bring about the situation I want?”  The best plan is one that you have some control over.  Steer clear of answers that involve forcing someone else to do it your way.  Divine intuition always presents options that are a win-win solution for all involved.

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