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News and information about Metro is now easier to access than ever before at the redesigned website.CINCINNATI – At your computer or on your smartphone, news and information about Cincinnati Metro is now easier to access than ever before at the redesigned website, Visitors to the new site will find it to be more functional and user-friendly; it is also more accommodating for people with disabilities. Metro has also rolled out a mobile version of the website that can be viewed on any web-enabled mobile phone. Changes include more images and a simplified navigation, which make the website more straightforward and engaging than the previous site. The website now includes time and weather on the homepage and easy access to Google Transit and schedules so riders can prepare for catching their bus. The site also includes a “How to Ride” section for new riders and detailed information about how to use Metro’s new fareboxes, which includes videos. The new design also makes it easier for site visitors to connect with Metro on social media, providing access to sites including Metro’s Facebook page and Twitter account. The website design was accomplished by Pixels and Dots, a Cincinnati-based certified women’s business enterprise. Metro worked with several focus groups to get feedback from current riders as well as riders with disabilities and incorporated their suggestions. Metro plans to continue to work on improving the site for customers with disabilities and is in the process of working on creating an alternative to the current online PDF schedules that will be easier for people with disabilities to use. Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 17 million rides per year. # # #

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