Stay at Home Orders: When you don’t have a home

Stay at Home orders don't mean much when you're homeless.Stay at Home Orders, COVID-19 Closures, and Winter Weather are impacting our homeless population.

Winter weather is dangerous, even deadly for people experiencing homelessness. Providing shelter is critical to prevent hypothermia or even death.

Each winter we help support local agencies and groups serving people experiencing homelessness. But, you know, the pandemic has made it more important than ever.

What do nighttime curfews and “Stay at Home” orders mean if you don’t have a home?

To stay safe, social distancing guidelines mean fewer shelter beds available at night. And the places our homeless population rely on during the day aren’t open. Or are open at reduced capacity, such as libraries, warming centers, soup kitchens.

It’s clear COVID-19 will continue to impact us all for some time.

Right now, we’re focused on winter and what 2021 will bring. Homelessness will spike due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Due to the reduced availability of shelter, there are already 35% more people unsheltered on the streets compared to the first 10 months of last year. Over the last five years, the number of people experiencing homelessness was decreasing.

Record unemployment, a looming eviction crisis.

CARES Act Funding has been so vital in keeping people in their homes, but December 30th it’s gone. And with the eviction moratorium expiring at the end of December, landlords can start eviction proceedings January 1st. The timing couldn’t be worse.

More families, more individuals will soon be desperate for shelter. We’ll work to prevent more people from becoming homeless, however possible. And help those who are, back into stable housing.

Thank you for being a partner in the fight to end homelessness in Cincinnati. It’s more important than ever to know we have your support.

If you are in a position to provide support, please consider a donation today. Or if you or someone you know needs help – please call our CAP Helpline. All calls are confidential.

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