The Country May Be Closed, but Food Banks Are Open

At a time when much of the country is closed, food banks are open. Freestore Foodbank mobilized to meet the greatest need and demand we have ever seen for food, but we can’t do this without you. Please, make a gift today!


Why We Need Your Help:

37 million Americans relied on the nationwide network of food banks, food pantries and soup kitchen BEFORE the crisis
That network mobilized the day the pandemic broke
Donated food is drying up
Food drives can’t happen right now
We need to buy more food and we’re competing with everyone for it
Conveys a sense of urgency
We need more resources – more food, more drivers, to hire more people
This is YOUR opportunity to help and be a hero


Now, we are feeding more families than ever before at a time when donated food is drying up and food drives can’t happen. We need to buy more food on the open market and we are competing with everyone for it. This is your opportunity to help. Here’s where you get to be a hero.


This crisis has left all of us with insecurities. We are worried for our children, our parents and ourselves. Right now, many are worried they can’t put dinner on the table for their family, some of them, for the first time. For many people here in the Cincinnati tristate area, the crisis has left them food insecure. That’s not something we can fix with a vaccine and we won’t need a test to know that it’s there. At food banks like Freestore Foodbank, we continue to work to meet the needs of local families upended by this crisis. You can help. This is your community. This is your food bank. This is your chance to be a hero. Donate here TODAY.

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Shared by: Freestore Food Bank, Trisha Rayner for Media Inquiries

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