The Secret to Success

How do we define success?

To feel successful, we must first define what success means. Everyone has a very different definition of success. Success is not concrete like a car, we can’t point to it. Success is abstract and subjective. To some, success may mean a six-figure income. Others are successful just by living the American dream: a house with a white picket fence, a spouse, 2.5 kids and a dog. Still others feel successful even in the midst of daily financial trials and personal  tribulations.

The secret to success is determining what our priorities are and then to make efforts and decisions based upon these priorities. The key to maintaining our priorities and feeling successful is to find balance. This means not ranking them with lesser or greater importance, but by making them all equally important. Success really equates to what pleases us and makes us happy and fulfilled.

We spend lots of time trying to make others happy or preventing their unhappiness. It is a lot harder to understand what makes ourself happy, This requires one to: chose to stop doing what is unnecessary and do something constructive by living on our own terms in the present. This may involve stopping what we “should” do and making a choice on our own behalf.

People come to know and appreciate each other through sharing experiences. If we stay in a small, safe world, we only cut ourself off from others and from the growth we could gain from new experiences.

Humans prefer being in places, being around people, doing things that are more comfortable to them. Each time we move out of our comfort zones we grow closer towards achieving our potential.  There is a catch to this expansion process. It doesn’t automatically happen without any effort on our part. It is our effort that produces the expansion. Included in this effort is usually overcoming or dealing with some type of fear.

The experience of fear is similar to the perception that we are being chased by a big bear. However, rarely, if ever, are we truly in this sort of danger. Similarly, when we venture out of our comfort zone, we sense the emotion of fear because we feel that there might be pain or discomfort of some kind. But the reality is that when we push our comfort zone, we will discover unknown resources and abilities within ourself that world have otherwise remained unknown.

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Shared by: Aaron Karmin, LCPC, Contributing Blogger

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