Wear Blue to Work Day Unites County Residents Against Child Abuse

I hope everyone in our community will join me tomorrow in wearing blue to work to help spread awareness about child abuse in our community. So far, we have thousands of county residents who have signed on to the campaign.

Wear Blue to Work on April 11 is something going on in most Ohio counties. We are happy to be a part of it because it is something simple that everyone can do and it sends a strong message: we are united against child abuse. 

Our agency works with 16,000 abused and neglected children every year. We also see more than 2,000 new children come into our system each year. This is a serious problem!

Here’s a link to a press release about our event. Please visit our Facebook page and join us!




United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Shared by: Moira Weir

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