Add a .pdf to the Document Server

PLEASE NOTE our submission guidelines:

  • Does the content exist elsewhere in a more user friendly format? In situations where competing portals of similar content exist, we preferentially select the most user friendly as determined by the local Quality Assurance (QA) Committee.
  • Are there advertisements? We generally don’t accept documents that serve primarily as an advertisement for paid services. Exceptions to this rule are made at the sole discretion of the local QA Committee.
  • Does the document predominantly contain the specific useful information promised? We won’t accept documents that don’t include the promised information.
  • Is the information accurate? We will not knowing except inaccurate information, and we will remove any documents containing inaccurate information when brought to our attention.
  • Does the content contain any political or sectarian religious endorsements, or any blatant favoritism toward a for-profit organization or cause? Such content threatens our tax exempt status and will therefor be rejected. Please contact us if you have any questions.


For security purposes only .pdf file format is allowed.

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