Municipal Partnerships

United Resource Connection engages in municipal partnerships to provide boots-on-the-ground assistance to individuals and families. One-on-one assistance is provided in the home by community resource navigators. 

Community Resource Navigators

Work in collaboration with schools and first responders to help individuals and families access vital resources in the community

  • Follow-up with individuals and families identified by partner agencies
  • Assess individual and family needs 
  • Help individuals and families connect to community resources, including resources for clothing, housing, vocational assistance, transportation, mental, physical and behavioral health, primary medical assistance, and more. 

Example: Norwood Connection Program

  • Works with school counselors and social workers in Norwood City Schools to identify families that need help.
  • Meet with each family individually to determine the areas of concern, the nature of the intervention required, and the potential fit with available resources.
  • Operational since 2013, Norwood Connection has helped approximately 130 Norwood families.

United Resource Connection actively seeks partners to expand the use of this evidenced-based model of care into more communities. 

If interested you can download an example project proposal.