Terms of Service


These are our expectations of your use of this website:



I. If you find our expectations in conflict with yours, please contact us to discuss it, and/or refrain from visiting the website. You may discuss any of our technologies, operations, or policies, in our Peer Review Forums.

II. This website has been created to maximize the ability of individuals to share knowledge and resources with one another. That means there will be errors, please contact us if you discover one.

There are many places on the website with contact forms to notify us if you discover errors. We expect that you actively use these forms for the benefit of all visitors.

III. There are also many places on the website where you can add information that may be helpful to others in need of community resources. We encourage you to actively participate in sharing your knowledge about community resources.

All information shared on this website is presumed to be in the public domain. Please follow our DMCA procedure if you have copyright concerns about any content.

IV. The information on this website is NOT considered equivalent to professional legal or medical advice and counseling, so please seek those services elsewhere if needed.

V. URLs, articles, and documents submitted to us to post on the public document server and/or on the social service news feed are evaluated in following way:

  • Does the content exist elsewhere in a more user friendly format? In situations where competing portals of similar content exist, we preferentially select the one that is most user friendly, as determined by the local Quality Assurance team.

  • Are there advertisements or pleas for donations? We generally don’t accept articles, URLs or documents that serve primarily as an advertisement for paid services, or as a plea for donations to a specific organization. Exceptions to this rule are made at the sole discretion of the local Quality Assurance team.

  • Is the content relevant to a person in need of a specific resource? We generally don’t accept URLs, articles, or documents that do not directly help individuals connect to a specific social service or community resource. Information that does not address specific resource availability, and how to connect, are not accepted.

  • Is the URL a direct link to the promised information? We generally don’t accept URLs that require the visitor to click through several more links to reach the promised information.

  • Is the information accurate? We will not knowingly accept inaccurate information, and we will remove or edit any URLs, articles, or documents containing inaccurate information when brought to our attention.

  • Does the content contain any political or sectarian religious endorsements, or any blatant favoritism toward a for-profit organization or cause? Such content threatens our tax exempt status and will therefore be rejected.

VI. We do not tolerate misleading information. Our expectation is that this website should be useful to those looking for community resources, and in no way undermine anyone’s efforts to receive help.

VII. We have expectations that any comments or other content you post on this website will be respectful, not only toward other participants on the website, but toward citizens of the world in general. We specifically expect that you conduct yourself with civility, in alignment with the following guidelines:

  • Treat all people respectfully;

  • – Do not threaten harm to yourself or others;

  • – Do not harass anyone;

  • – Do not use hate speech or profanity, or post images depicting pornography or threats of violence to any individual or group.

VIII. If you use this website in a manner inconsistent with our expectations, we may at our discretion provide a warning. We may also edit or delete content and/or block your use of the website through any technological means at our disposal.

IX. If you create a personal account on our network, you agree that you are solely responsible for any content that appears on it, and that you will make reasonable efforts to uphold our expectations of civility.

X. We expect that you will not willfully use our network to spread spam or computer viruses, and that you will not willfully attempt to disrupt the normal operation of the data servers that make this website and the mobile app associated with it possible. We further expect that you take reasonable precautions to prevent yourself from unwittingly disseminating computer viruses and spam, and that you ask us if you need help with this.

XI. If you are a healthcare provider our expectation is that you will not use this website to violate the privacy rights, as designated in HIPAA, of any known patients. Read our HIPAA policy here. Our Privacy Policy can be read in full here.

XII. United Resource Connection Incorporated makes this website available on an “as is” and an “as available” basis. Our chapter licensees, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, employees and licensors expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied.