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United Resource Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people in need connect to community resources. We enhance access to care by providing tools for social service resource utilization and interagency collaboration. These tools include technologies for news broadcasting, resource navigation, and interagency communication for staff in the field. We also provide onboarding and training services for our partner agencies.

Social Service News Broadcasting

We publish, at minimum, 2-3 social service news articles per week. Topics include interagency news updates about changes in service availability and application protocols. These news updates can be submitted by the agencies manually or automatically. Approved submissions are viewable online and aired on our Apple Podcast “Hamilton County Ohio Social Service News”. A weekly summary of social service news is also delivered via email each weekend, free to anyone who subscribes.

Resource Navigation Support

In addition to our news broadcast, we also have the best Social Service Resource Library available online. This library has application/intake forms, clinical tools, educational workbooks & other resource utilization tools by category. The library is crowdsourced, easily searchable, and is curated/maintained by our quality assurance team. This makes it possible for case workers, individuals and families to access, share, and complete service applications remotely, even if the service provider can’t afford their own IT department. We have additionally partnered with the Greater Cincinnati United Way to make it easy to access and share the addresses and phone numbers of nearly 3,000 local support programs for individuals and families in crisis.  

Interagency Remote Work Tools

We additionally provide a private document server, interagency staff directory, and direct messaging platform for agency teams to more effectively communicate and collaborate between agencies. Using these collaborative tools, individual staff at one agency can more easily reach staff and forms needed by other agencies. This is essential when an individual or family’s service needs can only be met by the collaboration of multiple agencies. If your social service agency is not currently registered for these services, but would like to be or learn more, contact us online or call 513 257-2116.

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