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      Update on Ohio Abortion Ban. It was announced October 7th that the State of Ohio is prohibited from enforcing the new abortion ban enacted June 24th, 2002. The prohibition will la… End of excerpt, click here for the whole article–> https://cincinnati.unitedresourceconnection.org/update-on-ohio-abortion-ban/ You must be logged in to comment.

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      December 16th 2022 Ohio court hearing decided to deny the request of Ohio Attorney General’s appeal– meaning that the rules for obtaining an abortion in Ohio are the same as they were prior to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. The issue isn’t over, in that the injunction was put in place to keep the status quo while a formal trial is held to determine whether the Heartbeat law violates the Ohio Constitution or not. If the trial determines that the Heartbeat law does not violate the Ohio Constitution, then the Heartbeat law will go into effect, changing the rules that need to be followed to obtain an abortion in Ohio. People on both sides of the issue agree that whatever the outcome of this trial, it will be appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court for the final word on the matter.

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