Emergency Housing Voucher Assessment

If you can no longer stay in your current living situation and are being asked to leave and would end up in shelter without assistance, please click this link to complete the Emergency Housing Voucher Assessment.

Please be aware that the Emergency Housing Vouchers are an extremely limited resource. Submitting this assessment is not a guarantee that you will be selected.

Please ensure the assessment is completed in full and to the best of your knowledge. Prior to acceptance, you will be required to submit verification documentation for the purpose of determining eligibility.

Please note CMHA does not accept applicants with the following criminal history:

  • Have been convicted of a violent criminal charge in the past 12 months
  • Are required to register as a sexual offender
  • Have been convicted of producing methamphetamines while living in a subsidized unit.

The CoC is required to review and submit referrals as outlined in the CoC Comprehensive Manual.

If you are in need of emergency rental assistance, please contact one of the following agencies:

If you are fleeing a domestic violence situation and are in danger, please contact the Domestic Violence hotline at (513) 872-9259.

If you are experiencing homelessness and are in need of emergency shelter, please contact the CAP line at (513) 381-7233 or text (513) 970-1515.

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