Metro Bus Fare Deal Program

Metro’s Fare Deal program allows eligible riders to obtain a Fare Deal identification card valid for half-price fares on any Metro trip. Eligible Participants include adults 65 and older, Medicare card holders, Riders with disabilities, and Access Program participants. Those 65 years-old and older are automatically eligible; proof of age

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Shared by United Resource Connection October 18, 2023

Cooling Centers Available During Extreme Heat

The National Weather Service issues Heat Warnings when the maximum heat index temperature is expected to be 105° or higher for at least 2 days and night time air temperatures will not drop below 75°. These warnings advise people to avoid poorly ventilated areas and prolonged work in the sun,

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Shared by United Resource Connection August 22, 2023

Educational Materials about Drug Abuse and Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse produces educational materials concerning drug abuse and addiction. These materials are freely available in .pdf format and can be downloaded for use in drug treatment settings. The .pdfs are available in English and Spanish, and are collected into categories including “Drug Facts“, “Policy Briefs“,

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Shared by United Resource Connection August 11, 2023

Social Security Statements Available Online

This post was originally published November 26th, 2021. The format and/or content has been updated for quality assurance. The Social Security Administration creates an annual statement for each individual, showing how much you have paid in Social Security and Medicare taxes, and much you would get in Social Security benefits when

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Shared by United Resource Connection July 2, 2023

Shelter Facilities for Homeless Single Adults

Hamilton County provides 5 shelters for single adults struggling with homelessness. The shelters were built using funds provided by the Hamilton County Indigent Care Levy, and are operated in coordination with the City Gospel Mission, Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, Shelterhouse, and Talbert House. Each of the five facilities provide day-time

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Shared by United Resource Connection May 26, 2023

Resources & Tips for Developing Childhood Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to pause, to reflect and give appreciation for one’s many blessings. But gratitude doesn’t have to be reserved solely for holiday rhetoric; an attitude of gratitude is an important part of everyday living. Psychological studies have demonstrated evidence that having gratitude actually improves

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Shared by United Resource Connection November 24, 2022