FREE Training Video for Supporting Women with Substance Use Disorders and their Newborns

Data shows a significant national rise in Opioid Use Disorder and babies with Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome presenting at hospitals for labor and delivery. The tragic nature of this situation does not always produce compassion and best practices toward the mother or infant, even among well intentioned care providers.

Two registered nurses, Dr. Kantrowitz-Gordon and Dr. Rizza Cea, have developed a training video to promote compassionate quality care for these mothers and their newborn infants. The video follows two women—one in recovery, and the RN who cared for her at the hospital.

The video is meant to be helpful for case workers and treatment teams, and anyone interested in supporting recovery and a healthy mother-child bond in these relationships. The video is 45 minutes and available for free.

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Shared by: United Resource Connection