Meals for Seniors Can Be Picked Up at Local Recreation Centers

Many Seniors in Hamilton County live independently but are having trouble obtaining meals during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. A great resource for these individuals (Seniors 60 years and older) is available through the Cincinnati Recreation Commission in partnership with The Council on Aging of Southwest Ohio.


Meals are handed out MON-FRI from 10AM-12PM at the front door of the Recreation Center listed below. Reservations must be made by 10AM the day before. Please call the Recreation Center of interest for more details.


Recreation Center Locations and Contact Information:

(addresses are clickable for Google Map):

Bond Hill Recreation Center  1501 Elizabeth Place, 45237    Phone: 513-242-9565

Oakley Recreation Center  3882 Paxton Avenue, 45209    Phone: 513-321-9320

Evanston Recreation Center  3204 Woodburn Avenue, 45207   Phone: 513-861-9417

Price Hill Recreation Center  959 Hawthorne Avenue, 45205   Phone: 513-251-4123


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