Metro Bus Spring Service Changes

Metro Bus Service maps and schedules are available on the Metro website for download. Effective Sunday, March 3, 2024, eight Metro routes will have updated schedules:

Rt. 6 Queen City – will now serve Area H of Government Square downtown. Area G is being closed to reduce conflicts with the Connector streetcar.

Rt. 17 Hamilton Avenue – Mt.Healthy Hamilton Avenue – Seven Hills – minor running time adjustments.

Rt. 20 Winton-Fairfield – minor running time adjustments.

Rt. 21 Harrison Avenue – minor running time adjustments.

Rt. 27 Northside-Casey – minor running time adjustments.

Rt 36 Price Hill-Norwood Crosstown – western end will serve Mt. Saint Joseph University seven days a week.

Rt. 51 Hyde Park-Uptown-Glenway Crossing Crosstown – minor running time adjustments.

Rt. 64  Glenway Crossing-Westwood – minor running time adjustments.

MetroNow Spring Service Changes

There are also Spring Service Changes for the MetroNow bus service.

The MetroNow service attempts to provide the convenience of Uber or Lyft, but with the affordability of public transit. The service allows you to request a ride using the MetroNow app on your phone, to secure a ride to your destination for only two dollars. The app is available for download from the iOS App Store or Google Play! You can learn more about the service on the Metro website. This spring the service will be expanded in the Springdale – Sharonville and Mt. Healthy – Northgate zones to serve more locations. The service will also increase its operating hours this spring, staying open to 9 PM seven days per week.  

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