Seeking Medicaid & SNAP recipients to serve as advisory board

United Resource Connection is seeking Medicaid and SNAP recipients for input and feedback about local support programs and services. One of the goals of United Resource Connection is to make access to support services more user-friendly. One of the ways we do this is by providing more than phone numbers and addresses to area services, but also direct links to application forms for those services, to facilitate quicker access to care. We also provide a social service news channel, online and via e-newsletter and podcast, to alert social workers and service recipients about new resources and changes in application protocols. We try to make the service connection process easier, for individuals and families in need, as well as those trying to help.

All that being said, systemic improvement requires input and feedback from those being served. Medicaid and SNAP recipients are eligible for many other local services. They may not know some of these services even exist. It is our hope that we can learn from Medicaid and SNAP recipients, what are the most frustrating dynamics they deal with in accessing various services. This information will help direct our focus in several ways. First, in cases where frustration was the result of gaps of information about an application process, we can better work toward filling those gaps for the public, in our news feed. Second, in cases where frustration was the result of a systemic failure of organizations to effectively collaborate with one another, we can advocate for specific changes behind the scenes to address these failures. And third, we can provide direct advocacy and support, to those on this advisory board, to help them access additional resources.

So if you know a Medicaid or SNAP recipient who you believe would be interested, please let them know about this opportunity. By using one of the “sharing” buttons at the top of the written version of this bulletin, you can send a copy of this article directly to them. If you are a Medicaid or SNAP recipient who would like to join our advisory board, please contact us. Simply state in your message to us your interest in participation on the advisory board, and we will respond with more information.

Like most nonprofit boards, the advisory board is a volunteer position, not a paid position. Communication with those who volunteer to serve on the advisory board will be via phone and email. Those who are comfortable with video conferencing will also have that option. As mentioned previously, participants will be asked to share their stories of frustration about various aspects of the service connection process. We will not publicly share the names of any participants publicly or outside our organization. As was previously mentioned, we will also help advisory board members identify and access additional resources to help them and their family.

While we have a policy that does not allow solicitation for donations by organizations whose resources and services we feature on our news feed, we occasionally exempt ourselves from this rule, and this is one of those few occasions! If you would like to support our efforts to form this advisory board, and receive a report of our findings, you can use the donation button located at the bottom of our webpage to do so.

This post was composed by Stefan C. Densmore, who serves as the President, CEO, & Janitor of United Resource Connection.

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