Stabilization Program at the Freestore

PURPOSE: To assist individuals to achieve greater stability by helping them to define key areas in their life that create barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment.

REQUIREMENTS: Commitment to personal change that will help overcome barriers to increased self-reliance and stability.

PROCESS: Individuals can be referred to the program by a Customer Connection Center worker, a Workforce development team member, or another partner agency member. Individuals meet with a case manager to determine whether or not the program is a good fit for them and their needs. If individuals decide to enroll in the program, a case manager will meet with them to complete an assessment of their strengths and challenges to develop an individualized case plan for success. This case plan will serve to be a roadmap to stability with the case manager as a guide and resource.

OUTCOMES: We will focus on working with you to impact the following areas:

  • Employment and training
  • Housing resources
  • Access to health and mental health services
  • Resolution of Legal issues
  • Basic needs, such as food, clothing, and furniture
  • Birth certificate and ID vouchers
  • Benefits assistance including SNAP and Medicaid enrollment
  • Life skills to help you with prioritizing and budgeting
  • Referrals to other providers that meet your specific needs


Jill Haight, BSW-Case Manager, Team Lead @
John Heinecke, BSW-Case Manager @
Tya Thomas, Case Manager @

Families facing eviction or homelessness should first call the CAP line at 513-381-SAFE (7233) to complete an intake assessment.

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