A Matter of Balance

Falling is a serious risk for aging individuals, as it can lead to severe injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and even death. As we age, our balance and coordination tend to decline, making us more susceptible to falling. It is crucial for older adults to take proactive steps to prevent falls. The Council on Aging provides a FREE evidence-based program which teaches aging individuals strategies to reduce their chances of experiencing a dangerous fall, and to maintain their independence for longer.

The program, called a Matter of Balance, includes eight two-hour classes led by trained coaches. The curriculum includes group discussions, mutual problem solving, role-play activities, exercise training, assertiveness training, and a few homework assignments. Participants learn about the importance of exercise in preventing falls and practice exercises to improve strength, coordination, and balance. Participants also conduct a home safety evaluation and learn to get up and down safely. Class size is between 8 and 12 participants.

Courses are offered throughout the year. Currently, courses will be held in person in the Golf Manor Municipal Building, located at 6450 Wiehe Road, March 14th through May 2nd, 6 PM through 8 PM on Thursdays. There is a flyer available for download to help spread the word to interested parties. To register for the free workshop, use the QR code on the flyer, or call (513) 345-8637.

A full list of Health & Wellness courses offered by the Council on Aging is available on their website.

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