Are you a Cincinnati community service provider who uses Twitter?

Do you tweet about what you do on the job? It is easy enough to create a separate anonymous Twitter account for this activity if you so desire (see below for tutorial links*). We’d really love to follow you and see what your day looks like providing services in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Back in the day, I use to tweet about what was in stock at the Cincinnati Freestore (love it when they have fresh pineapple), and changes in protocols as I discovered them working in the field with clients (e.g., when new forms are required for a particular service referral). Twitter is a great mechanism for exchanging information about new resources, including details about changes in eligibility requirements. We recently acquired the Twitter handle of @local_resources, and WE WILL RETWEET INFORMATION ABOUT LOCAL RESOURCES YOU SEND US. Make sure to follow us if you want to get these retweets from other area service providers. AND as I said, we’d love to follow you, to learn more about what life is like in the field these days, and how we might be of help. SO reach out to us on Twitter! We hope to hear from you soon!*Those interested in creating anonymous accounts on twitter can follow a .pdf tutorial attached to the discussion topic in this forum: 

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