Cincinnati Recreation Commission 2024 Summer Pool Openings

Summer recreational facilities, such as swimming pools, play a vital role in the development of youth, particularly for those from low-income backgrounds. Swimming pools provide an opportunity for children to engage in physical activity, socialize with peers, and learn important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. For many low-income families, these facilities may be the only source of affordable and safe recreational activities for their children during the summer months.

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has announced the summer opening of 24 pools throughout Hamilton County.

Three pools opened Memorial Day weekend: the Dunham Otto Armleder Pool in Westwood, located at 4356 Dunham Lane; the McKie Pool in Northside, located at 1655 Chase Avenue; and the Oakley Pool, located at 3882 Paxton Avenue.

The following pools will be opening June 3rd: the Bond Hill Pool, located at 1580 Yarmouth Avenue; the Dempsey Pool in East Price Hill, located at 933 Hawthorne Avenue; the Dickman Pool, located at 6720 Home City Avenue; the Evanston Pool, located at 3204 Woodburn Avenue; the Hartwell Pool, located at 8275 Vine Street; the Hirsch Pool, located at 3630 Reading Road; the Leblond Pool, located at 2335 Riverside Drive; the Lincoln Pool, located at 1027 Linn Street; the Madisonville Pool, located at 5312 Stewart Avenue; the Millvale Pool, located at 3303 Beekman Street; the Mt. Adams Pool, located 966 Mt. Adams Drive; the Mount Washington Pool, located at 1730 Mears Avenue; the Pleasant Ridge Pool, located at 5915 Ridge Avenue; the Rayan Pool, located at 2856 Fischer Place; the Spring Grove Pool, located at 634 Hand Avenue; the Winton Hills Pool, located at 5170 Winneste Avenue;

Three more of their pools will be opening June 10th: the Filson Pool, located at 461 Ringgold Street; the Hanna Otto Armleder Pool, located at 226 Stark Street; and the Camp Washington Pool, located at 1201 Stock Avenue.

All the pools are open from 1pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, though some open a little earlier, and/or stay open later. You can view the schedule for each location on the Cincinnati Recreation Commission website.

Admission Fees are as follows:

For daily admission, the fees are $2 for youth, $6 for adults, $4 for seniors. For a season membership, the fees are $30 for youth, $45 for adults, $30 for seniors, and $120 for a 3 to 6 person family.

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