Free Non Emergency Transportation for Medicaid Recipients

Hamilton County Job and Family services operates a program for Medicaid-eligible customers called the Non-Emergency Transportation program (or NET, for short). This program provides transportation for any Medicaid eligible individual traveling to and from medical appointments that can be billed to Medicaid. Transportation can be in the form of bus passes, van services, Metro Access bus tickets, or mileage reimbursement. The requirement is a regular Medicaid card and the ability to transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle independently.

Requests for this transportation service must be submitted five days before transportation is needed, by calling the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, at 513-946-1000, and selecting option 6. Before calling, make sure you have the following information available: Your name, address, phone number, social security number, and date and time of your appointment. You must also provide your doctor’s name, the name of the doctor’s building or hospital, the address including zip code, and the doctor’s phone number.

You may alternatively complete the NET program transportation request form available online, and fax or email it to the addresses provided on the form. You may also be required to complete their consent form if the requested transportation involves a minor.

Please note that if you are eligible for any other transportation services available through Medicaid, you must use these before you can the transportation services provided by the NET program. So for instance, if you live in a long term care facility or hospice, the long term care facility or hospice transportation services available through medicaid must be used first, before being eligible to use the NET program.

NET is a State program operated at the county level. If you reside outside Hamilton County, ask your local county commissioner’s office how to connect to the NET program in your area.

You can find more transportation resources by selecting the “Transportation” category tab on our “Social Service Utilization Library” page.

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