Mobile Fresh Food Market Visiting 11 Neighborhoods, Accepts SNAP EBT Payments

Where do you go to buy food for your family when it takes an hour by bus to get to the nearest grocery store? What do you eat when processed food and corner-store snacks are the only things within reach, or the only affordable options?

Healthy Harvest Mobile Market visits over eleven neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati every week, year round. They bring fresh produce and other healthy foods. Neighborhoods include Lincoln Heights, Price Hill, Evanston, Moores Hill, West End, Bond Hill, South Fairmount, Avondale, Springdale, Walnut Hills, College Hill, and Sayler Park.

Everyone is welcome. The market accepts SNAP EBT, Cash, Credit and Debit cards, Produce Perks matching program, as well as Apple Pay. The mobile market is especially helpful for SNAP recipients, as it will match dollar for dollar SNAP purchases, for up to $25 in FREE produce.

Their Produce List can be viewed online and is updated on a regular basis. Their Weekly Schedule of locations and times is also regularly updated and can be viewed online.

They additionally have a flyer that can be downloaded and delivered to interested parties, as well as a Free Texting Service that provides timely information about changes in their locations and produce list. To receive these updates Text H H M M to 8 3 3 7 0 9 0 9 6 9.

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Shared by: United Resource Connection