Two Medicare Enrollment Periods Open Through March 31 is accepting enrollment for individuals eligible for Parts A (Hospital Insurance) & B (Medical Insurance). Individuals who have a Medicare Advantage plan may also use this time period to switch back to Original Medicare, or to change to a different Medicare Advantage plan. You can only join, switch, or drop a plan at certain times. These times are called enrollment periods.

Ohioans on Medicare that did not sign up for Part A and or Part B during their initial enrollment period, and do not qualify for a special enrollment period, can sign up for Medicare during the January 1 through March 31 general enrollment period. Coverage begins on the first day of the month after signing up.

For Ohioans with a Medicare Advantage Plan, the Medicare Advantage open enrollment period, also from January 1 through March 31, provides an opportunity to switch back to Original Medicare or change to a different Medicare Advantage plan.

More information about enrollment, including answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the website. Signing up

You can find more resources related to Medicare and primary health care by selecting the “Primary Medical Care” and or “Medicare” category tab on our “Social Service Utilization Library” page.

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