Walmart Pharmacy Program Offers $4 Generics

Walmart offers up to a 30-day supply of over 300 different generic medications for $4 per prescription. They also offer a 90-day supply of many generic medications for $10. These prices do not apply to prescriptions filled by mail order. Prescriptions refills may be ordered online or by telephone, but must be picked up in person. These prices are also offered by Walmart corporate partner pharmacies, like Sam’s Club and Neighborhood Market.

The program has no membership fees and does not require insurance. Consumers can get this prescription drug savings whether or not they have any prescription drug coverage through their employer, under Medicare or any other plan.

Some insurance plans, including some of the Medicare D providers, may entitle the consumer to pay even less than $4 for their prescription. Walmart Pharmacy will charge the lowest applicable amount. The list of covered generic medications is subject to change, and not all generic prescription drugs are covered by the program.

You can view a prescription medication price by opening the Walmart app on your mobile device, signing in with your registered Walmart pharmacy email, tapping Services, scrolling down and tapping the Pharmacy box, and tapping View and refill prescriptions.

The Walmart $4 Generic Medication Program is one of many different prescription discount programs available online. Information about other prescription discount programs can be found in our newsfeed archives. You can find more pharmacy resources by selecting the “Medication” category tab on our “Social Service Utilization Library” page.

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