Assistance Obtaining Women’s Apparel for Employment Success

“Dress for Success Cincinnati” is an organization that provides professional clothing to women returning to, or entering, the workforce. Many women entering the workforce encounter in which they need appropriate attire to have a successful job interview, but can’t afford proper attire for the interview without a job.

Dress for Success Cincinnati provides two outfits appropriate for an interview, complete with shoes, accessories and a handbag. They also provide job search, resume, and networking assistance. Once employment is secured, they can provide an additional 10 new pieces to start one’s new career. Women come to this organization through referrals from a range of non-profit organizations, or, by filling out a request for services form themselves. There is also an online portal for scheduling appointments.

Service Availability

The service is available, by appointment only, every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 10:15 AM. Walk-ins may be available at their Norwood location from 10 to 11 AM on Tuesday and Thursdays, but are not guaranteed. 


There are three locations. The Norwood office is located at 4623 Wesley Avenue. There is also a Loveland office, located at 11020 S Lebanon Road; and a Covington office, located at 20 West 18th Street. The Loveland office offers childcare and transportation for women who wish to be styled at their facility. Please notify the representative when you make your appointment if you will need either of these services. You can learn more about the Loveland office on their website. If you have questions about the Loveland office, you can contact Missy Walters, the Loveland styling coordinator, via email. If you have questions about the Covington office, you can contact Maria Downes, the Covington styling coordinator, by email. You can contact Kate Black by email if you have any questions concerning the Cincinnati office.

You can select your desired location when filling out the Request for Services form.

Style Kits Available for Pickup

If their hours of operation do not work for your schedule, Style Kit pickup services are available.

Here’s how the Style Kit pickup process works:

1. Dress for Success Cincinnati will contact you to get info about your sizing and style preferences.

2. Based on the information provided about sizing and style preferences, they will make a custom kit, complete with clothing and accessories. The Style Kit includes an outfit, shoes, purse, goody bag, Stitch Witchery, pants extender, and a packet of tools and resources.  

3. You can pick up your Style Kit at the Norwood office at a designated time. 

If you receive items that do not fit, you do not need to return them. You are asked instead to pass them along to someone you know who may need them. 

Request Services for a Client

If you are a representative of a nonprofit organization wishing to make a referral, first contact Kate Black, at (513) 322-1785, or by email. She can share information and any updates about the range of client services available. Then use the request for services form or online scheduling portal mentioned earlier. If there is a staffing change at your agency, the newly designated staff should contact the office before requesting service for a client. There is a policy document available for download that can help answer most questions. If you have any further questions about the services, you can call (513) 651-3372.

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