Resources for Extreme Cold Weather

There are a number of resources available in the Greater Cincinnati area, to help address the risks present from extreme cold and dangerous wind chill. The National Weather Service in Wilmington is one resource for monitoring extreme cold emergency weather news. Updates on the projected temperature timelines, winds and associated windchill can be found on the website. Residents are advised to stay inside and avoid prolonged exposure to the freezing temperatures. Check frequently on relatives and neighbors that are elderly or chronically ill, and don’t forget to bring all pets inside.

The following resources are available to Hamilton County Residents:

2 1 1. Call 2 1 1 to find a warming center near you. The helpline is available 24/7.

Cincinnati Recreation Commission Centers. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission opens up warming centers for those who need shelter during cold weather emergencies. You do not have to be a member of the CRC to use the facilities for shelter from the cold. Hours of access vary by location. You can get the most recent updates about CRC emergency warming center availability on their website.

3 1 1 Cincy. 3 1 1 Cincy is the City of Cincinnati’s overall non-emergency customer service system. To be linked to resources if your heat goes out, Dial 3 1 1 (or 513-765-1212 from outside the city). Alternatively you can go to 3 1 1, or use the 3 1 1 Cincy mobile app.

Shelterhouse at 411 Gest Street. The Shelterhouse at 411 Gest Street will have expanded hours this Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 7PM to 8AM. Call 513.721.0643 or visit their webpage for more information.

Colerain Township Shelters. Two churches in Colerain township are open to be used as emergency shelters. The White Oak Christian Church, located at 3675 Blue Rock Road is available Friday from 9am to 5pm through Entrance “E”. The Vineyard Northwest Church, located at 9165 Round Top Road, is available from 9am to 5pm.

Other Options. During the day, consider visiting a restaurant, shopping mall, community center, or local library. Be sure to call locations ahead of time for business hours.

Duke Energy. If you are a Duke Energy customer & your power goes out, report it by texting “OUT” to 5 7 8 0 1 or call 800.543.5599. Outages can also be reported on or on the Duke Energy app. You can see current power outages and estimated restoration times for Hamilton County on the Duke Energy website.

You can find more emergency resources by selecting visiting our “Social Service Utilization Library” page.

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