Take A Stand Against Homelessness

Take a stand against homelessness Cincinnati! Here are simple ways to take a stand against homelessness. Compassionate people like you are changing the world. And collective social actions change public perception, inform and influence conversation. Here are simple ways to continue your advocacy. Hope is hard right now – but your support makes all

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness May 25, 2021

KEYS Update Ending Youth Homelessness

Now in its third year, the work of ending youth homelessness in Hamilton County through the KEYS to a Future Without Youth Homelessness (KEYS) is moving forward, making progress, and adapting to meet young people’s needs. KEYS is the name of the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project. Its third year of operation began

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness May 12, 2021

2021 Continuum of Care Program Application Now Open

The FY2021 Continuum of Care (C.o.C) Program Scoring Competition and Application Cycle for the OH-500 C.o.C for the Homeless in Cincinnati/Hamilton County, Ohio is now underway.  The Community Timeline for this cycle can be found here: www.strategiestoendhomelessness.org/partner-agencies/apply-for-funds/ Along with release of the Timeline, Strategies To End Homelessness (S.T.E.H) has released

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness April 23, 2021

No one should be homeless.

No one should be homeless. Thanks to our supporters, Michelle isn’t. Michelle had a goal: to get her high school diploma and make a better life for her family. Stable housing made it possible. Thanks to your generosity, today she and her young daughters are safely housed. Michelle was lucky.

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness December 17, 2020

Freestore Foodbank to introduce new weekly drive-up food distribution to help families through winter months of pandemic.

Since March, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Freestore Foodbank has coordinated and produced emergency food distributions in neighborhoods throughout Greater Cincinnati. Beginning Wednesday, December 9 Freestore Foodbank will offer drive-up food distribution with a varying menu from week to week at our Freestore Foodbank Mayerson Distribution Center

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Shared by Freestore Food Bank, Trisha Rayner for Media Inquiries December 4, 2020

Stay at Home Orders: When you don’t have a home

Stay at Home Orders, COVID-19 Closures, and Winter Weather are impacting our homeless population. Winter weather is dangerous, even deadly for people experiencing homelessness. Providing shelter is critical to prevent hypothermia or even death. Each winter we help support local agencies and groups serving people experiencing homelessness. But, you know,

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Shared by Strategies to End Homelessness December 1, 2020

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