Resources on Social Security Gov Website

The Social Security Administration website provides direct access to do things like: Check eligibility for benefits, Plan for retirement, Apply for benefits, Sign up for Medicare, Appeal a decision, and/or Check application or appeal status.

They offer four portals on their website to accomplish these tasks: there’s a “Documents” portal, a “Number & Card” portal, a “Payment” portal, and “Record” portal.

Through the Documents portal you can Get a benefit verification letter, or Get tax forms like 1099s or 1042s).

Through the Number and Card portal you can Replace a social security card, Request a social security number for the first time, or Report a stolen number.

Through the Payment portal you can Update direct deposit, Repay overpaid benefits, Request to withhold taxes, or View a benefit payment schedule.

And through the Record portal you can Update contact information, Update an incorrect birthday, Update sex identification, and/or change your name. You can learn more by visiting the redesigned site.

You can find more social security resources by selecting the “Social Security” category tab on our “Social Service Utilization Library” page.

Shared by: United Resource Connection