Vouchers to Obtain Birth Certificates & IDs

When a state identification card or birth certificate is lost, it can be very hard to replace it without financial resources. This can make it all the more difficult to connect to State benefits that require proof of identity. Thankfully there are a number of agencies that provide vouchers to financially assist someone in replacing a birth certificate and/or State ID.

The Freestore Food Bank’s Connection Center

The Freestore Foodbank’s Customer Connection Center located at 112 E. Liberty Street in Over-the-Rhine, offers vouchers for birth certificates and IDs. This assistance is provided to residents of Ohio and Kentucky, as well as those needing out-of-state IDs, to remove barriers to finding consistent employment and housing. To learn more about this resource, call 513-241-1064.

The Freestore Foodbank’s Customer Connection Center can also make referrals to other social services agencies for customers dealing with homelessness, disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence.

Birth Certificates and State IDs at St. Vincent DePaul

Assistance in obtaining Birth Certificates and State IDs can also be obtained from St. Vincent DePaul by calling their help line at 513-421-0602. Assistance with obtaining birth certificates is limited to two per household. In order to be eligible for this type of assistance, individuals must live in Hamilton County and have been born in Ohio. Proof of address is required. Assistance in obtaining a State ID is limited to two IDs per household. Those in need of a voucher for a State ID should check the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website for necessary documentation needed to redeem voucher.

You can find more resources related to obtaining birth certificates and IDs by selecting the “IDs and Citizenship” option from the dropdown tab on our Social Service “Utilization Library” page.

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