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Freestore Opens Bea Taylor Market in Lower Price Hill

The Freestore Foodbank has opened an additional location of its food market services, to serve the Del hi, Lower Price Hill, and Sedamsville communities. The location is called the Bea Taylor Market, and is located at 3401 Rosenthal Way. The market is similar to downtown’s Liberty Street location, but with

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Shared by United Resource Connection November 1, 2023

Monthly Community Resource Fairs at Cincinnati Public Library

Free community resources fairs are held at the North Plaza of the downtown Main Library on the final Thursday of each month. These resource fairs offer individual assistance to get connected with area services, including access to free primary care health services and medicaid navigation, free legal aid, and discount

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Shared by United Resource Connection September 26, 2023

FREE Cincinnati African American History Tour

The Cincinnati Metro is sponsoring a tour of landmarks in Cincinnati, significant to African American history, August 18th at 11am, free of charge. This educational bus tour will highlight locations around the city significant to the struggle, survival and dignity of those persons who were dehumanized by enslavement.  Due to

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Shared by United Resource Connection August 15, 2023

The Significance of Juneteenth, Freedom Day

In Fredrick Douglass’s most famous speech on the hypocrisy of American slavery, he pointed out the paradox of Independence Day: America declared every man had a right to liberty while at the same time enslaving millions of people. More than nine years after this speech, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation

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Shared by United Resource Connection June 15, 2023

Low Income HIV AIDS Healthcare Resources

Access to affordable and adequate healthcare is a fundamental human right, yet low-income individuals and those living with HIV AIDS often face numerous barriers in accessing quality healthcare services. Lack of financial resources, limited access to healthcare facilities, and stigma and discrimination are just a few of the challenges faced

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Shared by United Resource Connection May 12, 2023

Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31 marks the International Day of Transgender Visibility. Transgender Day of Visibility was founded in 2009 by transgender activist Rachel Crandall. Prior to the day’s founding, the only well-known transgender-centered day was Transgender Day of Remembrance, which mourned the murders of transgender people, but did not celebrate their lives

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 31, 2023

Meetups for People with Disabilities & The One Mile Flying Pig Event

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services has partnered with Queen City Running Club to host “PigAbilities Meetups” and help participants get ready for the one-mile event during Flying Pig weekend. The meetups are an opportunity for people to get outside and get active. They are also a chance to connect and

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 2, 2023

The Significance of Women’s History Month

This month is Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month is designated as an educational endeavor to increase awareness not just of the contributions but also the unique experiences of women in our history. Women’s History Month is officially recognized in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, corresponding with

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Shared by United Resource Connection March 1, 2023

Latina Heart Health Awareness Educational Videos

Only 1 in 3 Latinas is aware that heart disease is the #1 killer in all women.  Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in all women including new moms. It kills 1 in 3 women. More than 43% of Latinas have cardiovascular disease. On average Latinas will have

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 14, 2023

How to Change Sex Identification on Social Security Records

The social security administration has instructions on how to change the sex identification for your social security records. To change the sex identification on your Social Security record you do NOT need to provide medical or legal evidence of your sex designation. You will need to provide evidence to prove

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 7, 2023

Jobs available to investigate housing discrimination in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont & Warren Counties.

Jobs are available to test whether federal fair housing guidelines are being followed in the Greater Cincinnati area, including Hamilton, Butler, Clermont & Warren Counties. Successful applicants investigate discrimination complaints by simulating real-world housing transactions in order to uncover violations of fair housing laws. Individuals are encouraged to apply for

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 2, 2023

The Significance of Black History Month

This Month is Black History Month, which is officially recognized by the United States, Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands. Black History Month originated in the U.S., where it is also known as African-American History Month. The precursor to Black History Month was Black History Week which was first

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Shared by United Resource Connection February 1, 2023

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the only federal holiday designated as a day of service, to encourage all Americans to volunteer to take action toward the improvement of their community. In observance of the national holiday, schools, government agencies, businesses and banks are closed each year on the third Monday

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Shared by United Resource Connection January 16, 2023