Overcoming Barriers to Nutrition among Children & Families

The US Department of Agriculture has extensively studied the barriers that constrain programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) from being of maximum benefit to those in need. They have identified that 88 percent of participants face some type of barrier to achieving a healthy diet from month to month, even though they receive SNAP assistance. They have found that most common barrier overall (effecting 61 percent of SNAP participants) is the affordability of foods that are part of a healthy diet. They also find that a lack of cooking equipment and/or food storage equipment contribute to the food insecurity of SNAP participants.

One of the things we do at United Resource Connection is help make it easier to connect to multiple resources. We help identify financial and nutrition resources, both for those in need, and those trying to help them. We have a searchable document server of applications for agency food & clothing assistance programs, as well as for financial assistance programs. We also provide access to a searchable database of addresses and phone numbers to local programs.

Every little bit of cost savings helps. If someone can save money on the cost of their telephone or internet utility bill, they have more money for transportation and vice versa. You can search the many discount programs available to low income individuals and families using the “GET HELP” tab on the main navigation bar of the Cincinnati Chapter of United Resource Connection. Share this information with those you know need help, whether be an individual in need, or friends and family trying to help.

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